Women of the world, let us all come together

Women of the world, let us all come together  Big, greedy and ruthless rattle their arms again! Let us stop them!  

Girls, mothers, grandmothers of the world, let us unite for the globe without the wars.   Let us stand up for our men, friends, lovers, husbands, sons, grandsons,  that they will stay at home with us, so that they will not be  laying in foreign countries in anonymous graves, that they will not be coming back home in the plastic bags, or mentally and physically disabled. Let us recall and reject the politicians who kneel in front of the war profiteers!  Les us request the closedown of the war industry which is deliberately provoking armed conflicts in the world.  Let us get rid of the bad politicians, led by greed and lust for domination over other nations, those who trigger wars, »«helping« the small ones by selling them arms and creating new colonies.   These days, the slaves are not transported overseas any more, they are exploited and coerced in their home countries, robbed, impoverished,  hopeless slaves of the foreign capital profit hunters.  And when in despair they move to find places where their children would live in in peace and liberty, they are carelessly and by purpose left to die on deadly routs.   

I call to the women MPs in Slovenian parliament: step over your partisan fences, come together and say no to the purchase of arms and war equipment, say no, together with your male colleagues, to sending of our soldiers across the borders of our country. 

I call to the women members of the European Parliament, to request the disarmament, to start the discussion about the ratio for the very existence of the NATO, which is exporting wars from the developed, »free« world in order to satisfy the greed of the owners of the military suppliers.   I call to you to fight for the solidarity in the EU in order to decrease the differences in the level of development within the EU and between the nations of the world. I call to you that you request the inclusion of civilians, especially women and young people in all diplomatic endeavours for protection and renewal of peace in conflict ridden areas. They are the ones who suffer in the wars the most and who have no saying whatsoever.  This is the only way to reach the peace in the world

I call to all women MPs of the biggest nations of the globe: stop neo-colonial appetites of your leaders!  Request that the money now spent for the armament in your nations and in the nations sized by the tentacles of neo-colonial warmongers, is redirected to eradication of poverty, and to the saving of the planet from warming and pollution in your own countries.  Women of the world! Step out in the open! Let us resist together to the dictatorship of war profiteers! Let us give to our children and grandchildren the possibility to raise their children in the world of mutual respect, understanding and cooperation! 

I have sent this appeal out in Slovenia and in the EU  just a couple of days before the war in Ukraine got this tragic acceleration. Now, in this new, much more dire situation, it is in the utmost interest of the people of Ukraine and of the people in Russian Federation, to find a peaceful solution. We, the women of the world, we call to the president Putin and president Zelenski: Immediately  stop all armed activities, order a cease fire and start negotiations, only the two you, without any external interference. Signatures: Mateja Kožuh Novak, PHD gynecologist epidemiologist, former MP in Slovenia , former President of Slovene Federation of Pensionnairs

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Vašega e-poštnega naslova ne bomo javno prikazali na spletu.

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